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idea for new manager?

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right after hearing duff duff defend his players after those nasty mp''s had a go at his boys i got to thinking about human behavour and what we do in certain senarios, as a child if every time you played up you got a pat on the head it would encourage that very behavour, so most parents learn to punnish this behavour early as to not encourage it, now spin that forward to our bunch of commited passionate footballers ,and after the list of tanties and toys being thrown out the pram we have witnessed this last month or so do we think them seeing there leader comming on the tv and defending them would encourage them to come out fighting for him? i think not ,all they will do is come out and go through the motions as they have done for way too long now, i feel that we dont need a manager so much as an inspirer so my vote for new manager would be MR T and that bloody big tank, every time one of his flock starts up at how cold it is or how the nasty crowd said somthing that hurt his feelings he can burst through the gates at trouse and tell them to stop there jibber jabering and get on with there bloody job.......and i think his number two would be an easy one......SIMON COWELL i would buy my season ticket and fly all the was from oz to see this bunch of over paid lightweights finally be told a few hard facts,lets face it they must live in a fantasy world if they think we are going to be happy with the level of commitment currently on show,after watching the speed of there exit saturday off the pitch it might be nice if we all where able to see the dressing down after the game from cowell and mr t ,it would save hell of a lot of pets being kicked when you walk in through the door after the game!!! just an idea 

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