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Research on Youseff Safri.........

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Before this morning all I knew about this guy is he plays for Coventry and is Morroccan.

So I''ve done a little research, as the Pinkun states he did a lot for Morocco in the recent African Nations which is a good start. He joined his fellow countryman Chippo at Coventry in 2001 and was seen to be a major signing.

By the looks of the forums on the official Coventry website and ''Gary Mabbutts Knee'' website (their equivalent of Y''army) most fans aren''t too bothered. They feel he never lived up to his potential and was injured too often. Also leaves to play for Morocco very often, and is no stranger to the refs notebook.
Many fans have even said good riddance, whereas Julian Joachim''s departure has been met with massive disapproval.

On a positive note he is known as a tough tackling defensive midfielder and is a strong presence. He apparently has the potential to become an excellent midfield general, but due to injuries and several suspensions he has never quite acheived this.

If anybody knows more please add below.

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