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Arthur Whittle

No offence Dion-but you would be another cheap option.

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I love Dion Dublin and would love to see him in the coaching staff, but manager? Isnt that exactly the kind of mistake we have been making? Pullis and Parkinson have now been ruled out according to canary call { who seemed to cut short everyone who slagged off the board-why?}, this leaves us now with Dion Dublin and Paul Jewell. Now the respect i have for Dion is second to none but i would hate to see the big lad go from hero to zero to save the board a bit of money. What attempts have been made to talk to managers in work? None! They want a cheap option and sorry but thats how they have got us into this position in the 1st place. Dion has no experience, to my knowledge has never coached, and would be a big gamble. if we were in a better position then maybe it could work, but with the current pressure on the team we need that lovely big lad concentrating fully on the pitch, after all hes one of the few players who rarely lets his head drop.

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