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Its not Time

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Its not time that is running out, its Managers. Why have almost all of the 50 High Calibre managers dropped out, is it do too small a salary being offered, no funds for players, there must be a good reason or do the Board or its servant want to play too big a part in team affairs.Even in the days of us in the third division Norwich was a plum job. Now don''t feel sorry for the Board if they decide to go they have had good years, and enjoyed their perks, even the price of shares has gone up, under Chase they were £1. each compare now @ £23+ a good profit, better than any Bank!.  Mr Chase left with a debt of £8m. it now £18m+ and we have sold off land etc, The board have never explained how this debt has come about even the shareholders seem to except it with out any explaination.

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