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Canary Ben

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Guys and Galls, NCFC supporters


I reckon its time for a promotion winning atmosphere NOT a relegation one!

Carrow road is a divided place at present and it does (along with the crap football) make it a less nice place to go every other week. However alot of us fans wont stop going. God nows i wont, so lets make the most of it, lets do what we did in 2004-5-6 and lets get behind the boys, the team, and the manager.

Lets Fok all this petty arguing, and lets do what little we can do to 1stly beat the scummers on sunday! Then climb back up the table. Who nows, we might even be able to do what sunderland did this time last season. (obviously not an automatic spot but a playoff one) IMO we have a fairly good manager who i believe will show alot of people to be wrong in their oppinions about him. He is an expert in the relegation field, and also at climing the table. Lets wait and see before we condem him to a sacking.

We have a good bunch of players here, if he can get them to be a team, working together along with a good loan signing or 4 then who nows what we will be able to do! But the FANS HAVE to play there part to! OTBC!! Cmon u yellows, lets b ain u!

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