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Trent Canary

Not a great choice, but please just get behind the guy

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Ok, we all know this isnt the best choice, and I cant say im  happy, and the board are going further down in my estimation, but please lets give Roeder the best opportunity to succeed. So far ive seen a few posts today from people saying to get behind him, yet all people do is reply with rubbish saying that anyone who is positive is happy to lead the club to league two etc.

Now im no expert on motivation, but I think we stand a far better chance of surviving with a fan base who get behind the team and will them to win. We can say what we like on forums and on the streets, but come game time lets sing our hearts out, if we dont then unfortunatly id argue its the moaners and groaners who are contributing just as much to our clubs downfall. We already have a crap board and a crap team, if we throw in a crap set of fans then who could argue against us being relegated? And although ive seen many posts on here from people saying they would be happy if we got relegated to spite the board, does anyone truly mean that? Surely no one wants to see that?

As I said, im not happy with this appointment (Although in the circumstances I doubt we could have done much better), but lets give him the best chance to do well, give him our support, and fight off relegation as a club.

PS Ive also read all sorts about protests at ipswich, boycotting ipswich etc. Do me a favour.. Lets not air our dirty laundry against them. If we cant get up for our local derby then when can we?

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