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Cease Fire

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Regardless of your own personal feelings with regards to the managerial appointment or the board, both are here for at least the remainder of the season, with that in mind if we are to avoid relegation we need everyones support.Put down your swords and get behind your team.  Good luck Glenn Roeder.

Ps.My own personal views, im unsure:- Experienced, has managed teams in both leagues, so if we did get promoted would not be out of his depth in the premier league (ala Worthy).- Good contacts through out the game - Mixed track record, there are positives (2 7th league placings, intoto cup) and negatives (2 relegations), but I feel the negatives should be tempered with the fact that with one, he has major surger and the other, he lost his assistant, both surely must have had an effect on events?

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