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Reporting of today's AGM.

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One awaits with interest to see the level and type of both attention and analysis afforded today''s AGM by the press. And whether or not our fading celebrity with the short pockets will expose herself to direct questioning.

But, whatever, one can be sure that the citizen journalists on our message board who are able to attend will fill in the gaps for us with full detail, context, and ''colour''.

I look forward in small part to an understanding of  whether the ''surplus'' reported on the clubs catering activities constitutes a true ''profit'' or merely the somewhat different ''excess of income over direct expenses''. If the appropriate portion of indirect expenses was not posted to the catering account, then what if it were - would the surplus become a deficit?

I have the distinct feeling, like some others of us, that concentration on the club''s core activity (football, believe it or not) would actually yield better overall results - over both the short and long terms - than dispersing our efforts and limited executive talent on catering, real estate and other fringe activities.

But we shall see what we shall see.

OTBC - we need to mind the danger!


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