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I agree with Gazza - I was impressed by how the guy spoke and I know others at the AGM were as well. He started by rambling like his old mate but soon settled down and was concise, blunt and quick with the barbed oneliners e.g. ''Hartson never had a yard of pace anyway'' (exact words!). 

You could actually understand him (well most of the time!) which helped. I still don''t want him to get the job and I doubt he will but it could happen. IF it does the absolute key will be for him to make quality appointments as assistant manager and first team coach. If he could do that then it may end up ok but it''s a damn big IF!  His record at Dundee (twice), Hibs, coaching at Chelsea and Portsmouth, looks ''chequered'' (at best).

Should a certain B. Gunn get any role in the setup that would be a complete disaster in my view.   

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