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city will win tommorrow!

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despite delia blubbing about being hurt by fans questioning her lack of ambition (pity she didn''t put in her £1m at the start of the prem, than rather than last jan when it all started to go pear shaped)  - i believe city will win tommorrow.............why - well its a week for underdogs.  the ruski''s turned over the english favourites, although a horse''s head in the ref''s locker room at 1/2 time helped him make the right decision for the penalty, meanwhile - the english rugger team are revelling in trounching more fancied rivals.  that makes 3 in a row - hopefully lewis hamilton will break the sequence by becoming world champion!.so, bring on bristol city - we''re gonna stuff ''em.  hartson will score the first on his debut (a roll of his rhino size neck powering home a classically excuted header) , delighting the crowd and enboldening chris brown watching from the bench.  cue the welsh wizards name enthusiatically chanted around the ground - whoa, johnny johnny, johnny johny johnny hartson!!!  hucks will get back his lost 2 yds of pace in recent games, filling the team with belief and so setting the stage for a victory.  and finally, on steps chris brown to replace the tiring hartson (after 30 mins) and completes a fine city day by vollying home gerry goss style from outside the area - magic, pure magic.  clapped off the pitch, young brown puffs out his chest with pride, and a single tear rolls down his cheek, captured unusually by a lone cross eyed archant photographer and splashed all over the pinkun and EDP in the following days.  duffy takes the plaudits, resisting the urge of either pointing or folding his arms the entire match like his recent predecessors  - but by virtue of having his shirt cuffs sewn into his trouser pockets.  meanwhile, a gloating delia mutters under her breath to MWJ - ''yes we''re back.''  we climb up the table, make the playoffs and get promoted, putting ambitious upstarts like bristol, stoke and hull firmly in their place.  experience counts you know. then again my granny who hailed from oak street (when people really were poor) used to say, you can s**t in one hand and wish in the other and watch which one fill''s up first!

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