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dufferman - go home now!!!

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dismayed to see hucks playing on the right from the off- everybody knows he looks mortal there - best on the left, agree with adams on that one.  good start and first half - better stuff, bristol hardly threatened.....however, it all fell apart when duffy was forced to shuffle the pack following drury''s injury..didn''t it make sense, to keep shacks and murray together, they looked fairly comfortable??? put lappin left back, put hucks back in his best position at left wing, bring on croft at right wing???instead, duffy put murray on the left back to replace drury, who looked simply attrocious there - spillane was all at sea partnering shacks, (who also began to look rocky) while keping lapping left wing and hucks on the right.  we were tosh after playing with this formation - but horribly duffy persevered for far too long.i''m sorry jimbo - but you''ve lost it for me already - thanks, but no thanks - go now, before we get relegated.

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