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In Dubious Battle


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My first memorys of football are of watching city beat spurs in the top flight as a youngster with my dad in the barclay pre seating and re-playing the 1990 world cup semi final in the play ground with my mates (England won when we did it) Now nearly 20 years on and we have the most incompetent England manager since Grahem Taylor and ZERO chance of qualification and a city team that in all my 18 years of supporting the club are in the worst posistion i have ever witnessed. I am a very loyal person i supported worthington way beyond the point most of you had given up because i respected him so much for the sucess he had brought the club, i supported Walker way after everyone had given up on him 2nd time around. So when i say now that Delia Smith & co are as bad as Robert Chase and need hounding out of our club asap i do not say it lightly! I have given them my support for a long while but i have run out of excuses i can no longer look at smudgers posts and laugh at his hysteria because the nightmare came true he was right all along.Delia Out, MWJ Out, Doncater Out, Duffy Out!

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