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lucky green trainers

time for cool heads and to take stock - it would be imprudent not too.

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lets get real - NCFC are in their biggest hole for 40 years or more.  the best interest of NCFC comes first above all else - directors,  management, staff, players and fans.   as far as i''m concerned, if you hold the best interest of NCFC closest to your heart than anything else - you should be standing back and looking hard at where we are - no holds barred.  forget misguided loyalty to anything or anybody else, its your individual, and our collective loyalty to NCFC that counts - the future of the club is at stake.  short term - we must avoid relegation at all costs.  i see forest drew at home 0-0 to doncaster yesterday? who wants that???  dufferman proved yesterday that a respected experienced manager, with his own backroom staff, is needed  pronto - and a realistic budget is required to bring in the  players we need to get out of trouble.  i doubt keano could succeed with this lot.  all the board members must dig deep to come up with this financial requirement, and even perhaps the fans??? another share issue to save the club???  given our position, it be imprudent for funds not to be made available, if not reckless or even negligent.  if the smiths believe we have enough and that spirit will see us through they''re wide of the mark, and possibly gambling with our champs status - in my view thats non negotiable. given our position - and based upon past experience (planning for relegation from the prem to champs) i would imagine the board are already planning for the possibility of getting relegated. however, if this is the case, then surely such prudent financial planning would hinder us, for fear of committing funds in case we went down might prevent team strengthening and hasten our departure to league 1.  its reactive thinking rather than proactive, rather like the team yesterday.medium term - we got rid of chase because of debt and failure to get players in to mount prem challenges (where''s the money gone? i seem to remember).  the prem has gone mad the last 3 years - billionaires left right and centre, and increased TV money - the balance of power has shifted still further.  i don''t like it, but the fact is operating a club like a business, apart from the top 4 clubs in england is non-profitable.  there''s too many sugar daddies about, and this menatality is now the main model to follow in the champs as well.  if clubs like hull, bristol city, stoke and cardiff have more ambition and financial clout than us then  we really are at our worst for 40-50 years.  soton are takeover targets for an ambitious consortium - who presumerably won''t be looking for bargain basements buys from celtic/rangers reserves.  this is the truth - and we need to get upto speed on it.  sure, there are always exceptions to the rules - like watford, but chase didn''t go for us to fluke our way up - he might as well have stayed, if we''re only the 12th best financed club in this league???  in my view, money needs to be made available now to avoid the drop this season, and then to take us forward next year.  the smiths have little choice but to put more of their dosh in, because naturally to step aside and allow the turners or others to do so would see them sell at a low and cheaply.  i wouldn''t like to see that eventuality for them.  they certainly can''t do nothing - that would tanatmount to negligence in my eyes, and worse than chase.  he gambled to get us up - failure to gamble to save us from the drop would top his efforts.long term - the economics of the prem are set in stone for the life of this tv contract and i can''t see a revision downwards for the next, unless there is a global 30''s style depression.  therefore, the economic model we must follow is not, prudence with ambition or the charlton illusion, that was in the 90''s - its attracting investors prepared to invest in a team to get to the prem and who are prepared to take a loss.  sorry, and thankyou, but seemingly its time for the smiths to move over, unless they agree with this economic reality - sure they put in £1m last xmas - derby and sunderland put in £10m plus and went up.  i would happily see them here for another 10 years on such a basis - its nothing personal, my loyalty is to NCFC - no one else.as for the players, based on their ability to get us PROMOTED:-

Marshall - good enough, mostly.

Otsemobor - defensive nightmare - not good enough. mistake ridden, nowhere near eddy. reserve.

Murray - ok centre back but thats all, makes errors when tired - could be good enough if fit enough - at the mo he lacks energy to last.

Shacks - still losing concentration and making mistakes- bencher.

dublin - makes mistakes, good leader - but too old to play all the time - bencher.

doc - looked better of late - but not upto malky standard and makes mistakes - takes too long to get fit after injury. bencher

Drury - looking better this year for me - still good enough.

Hucks - injuries and age not helping - still quality, but unless he scoring and creating then too much of a defensive liability.  good enough, esp when fully fit again

Jarvis - lightweight - league 1 standard for me.

Russell - lots of energy - hampered by lack of a good midfield partner - jury out, but could be good enough. 

brellier - lacks energy to say the least.  if we ever see him fully fit?? not good enough at present.

smith.  - not seen him play.

Lappin - lightweight - occasional decent cross, but clueless on goal assists.  reserve

Hartson - too fat and old - we should be getting a younger fitter version in.

Strihavka -tired hard, no real chances - outfought by stout defenders.  not good enough.

fozzy - better now fitter - not good enough though, can''t see us challenging for top honours.

brown - league 1 for me.

Spillane - better in midfield - has promise, thats all just now.

Croft - gives his all - unable to supply quality crosses or goal assists.  but, could be good enough.

Martin - good enough, but confidence shot to bits.  loan him out - he''ll score plenty for incy.

cureton - proved he can do it - why not with us.  good enough.

Duffy - not good enough.

first team coach.  lol

CONCLUSION - we could have 1/2 a team that helps us to stay up - but realistically, most don''t look capable of getting us promoted - simple as.  there''s the challenge for the board.  if they can''t meet it, then they should go now, and if they won''t, like chase - they should be made to go.

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