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Relegation is coming but it can be stopped.

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Continue with this band of players and we are heading out of the championship and I don''t mean we''re going up.

Facts are that we have a first team filled with players that are not good enough. Brown, Jarvis, Shackell, Doherty, Lappin, Russell, Strihavka, Croft, Chadwick, Brellier and aging and diminishing Drury are all below the level required.

Yes they can have good games from time to time and put just 1 of them in to a decent team they wouldn''t look so bad. Put them all together and what do you get. Well you get what we have got. No quality, little passion and zero consistency.

As much as you might want to like some of these guys and there are others I could have mentioned they are not good enough.

They will not keep us up.

The board now have a decision. Allow the demise of Norwich City to go on unchecked, appoint a manager and expect that his experience to sort out the rot. (I fear that even Wenger would not make this rabble better)

Or appoint a manager with experience and back him with fund for players and wages.

To simple you say. Well it is simple £10m is what would do it. £10m for players, backed up with a reasonable wage bill for the new signing and interim loan players and we would survive.

We have in Delia and the Turners people capable of realistically supplying that amount of funding. But the question is will they.

Or will they continue to suck it and see. only to bail out when we do sink!!

If that is the case then Delia at least owes it to us and the club to actively seek an investor to buy her out. She should put the club "publicly" up for sale. Stop setting unrealistic condition and allow somebody to stop this club going out of this league and possibly out of existence. Anybody who is willing to invest be them foreign or not should be allowed a chance if they have the funds.

Pride comes before a fall.

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