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Old Shuck

Trevor Birch

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For a non-footballing person involved in football, he''s very well known. Worked at Chelsea for a long time, kept Leeds afloat during his time there and has just left Derby County after, I believe, a personality clash with the Manager-not hard with Billy Davies, I suspect!

Probably the top Chief Executive in the game at the moment, if there is such an "honour"!

I just wonder if, with the Turners giving Neil Doncaster a "watch it" warning last week, and, through their company, probably very aware of Birch and his capabilities, if there might not be a chance he comes here, either as a new CE, or in a "consultancy" role. I know the place and position of such people in the game is a controversial one, but he is as good as it gets for getting the finances sorted and on an upward tempo, so maybe something to ponder?

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