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Why i can't believe any of the Jewell hype

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I can''t really bring myself to believe any of this Jewell stuff until i see a viable reason as to why, on god''s earth, he would come to us after what he''s done in his career so far. What has been said so far on here doesn''t convince me.

The only thing i can think of is that he wants to be out of the Premier League powder keg and all the intensity that comes with it, and prefers the challenge of getting clubs promoted and turning them in to the Bolton''s of this world. You have to feel that Bolton reached their peak under Allardyce and are in for a period of consolidation at best or will be relegated at worst. So you could make the argument that he can take us far further from where we are now than he can take Bolton to from where they were when Allardyce left.

But i don''t buy that. Paul Jewell has already proved himself in making smaller clubs punch above their weight, a bit like Curbishley. Now, to make the next step he needs a job like Newcastle or Spurs. He won''t come to us for the same reason Curbishley wouldn''t - it''s just not a logical next step in his career.


p.s. Have Bolton and Phil Gartside completely lost it? Gary Megson? Now that is a panic appointment if ever i saw one!

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