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drift turns to slide

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with the city board prudently taking their time to pick a new manager (or seeing if cheap option duffy comes good) the poor, lamentable performances we''ve seen of late continue.  tonight''s capitulation beggers belief.  but no wonder - where''s the leadership from the board???  they are not fit for purpose, in any shape or form.  i don''t trust them to do the ''honourable thing'' (as grant did) and go, just as worthy did, they''ll brass neck it out - the smiths are turning out worse than chase - he was forced out for much less - for lack of prem ambition, selling our best players and nearly being wound up.  this board  have a lack of ambition to escape relegation, have sold our best players (according to hucks) and have more debt (but have the funds to service it).chase got into trouble having a go and gambling to get us back up.  we''re in bigger trouble - playing like a relegation for most of this season - and the limit of our ambition is to get hartson in - who''s not playing tonight, probably because after saturday he''s stiff and sore, he''s so unfit.  what a nightmare.  the clubs gone rotten, and those who have the power are not acting in the best interest of NCFC if this is their paltry response to being 2nd off the bottom.  its cravenly too little and negligent in my view - are the board prudently budgeting for league 1 already???

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