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No Quarter

A comparison

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I know some people will think this post is pointless, but, I play in a Norwich rock/metal band.  We have spent our lives learning to play our instruments, as well as plenty of our own money on equipment.  We have got to a point where we are very good, technically able musicians.  We play gigs around the Norwich area, resulting in self promotion (going around with posters, copying our own cd''s, bombarding myspace etc).  Most gigs are played in front of between 20 - 50 people, in not the nicest venues, and we dont get paid a penny (we often shell out money for PA hire).  When we play a gig, all four of us are relying on each other not to cock up, although we very rarely do because we are very well rehearsed (we put the effort in). 

The point of this is, we put the hard work and effort in to rehearse once or twice a week (whilst all having day jobs), and we get gigs whenever we can, some good, some in front of 2 men and a dog. We dont need a manager to stand at the side of the stage to motivate us, if somebody in the crowd moans at us we dont start palying badly, we dont get paid anyway so money is no motivation.  No, we do this because we love doing it and being in a band is bringing a dream to life. 

If only the NCFC players could be like this.  They play in front of 24,000 people, earn a fortune, and get to live out most peoples dreams week in week out.  And what do they do with this opportunity?  Well, we''re mostly season ticket holders on this board, we''ve seen it for ourselves............... 

My band (www.myspace.com/mindkilleruk)


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