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Rudolph Hucker


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Never mind the restaurant Delia, Michael Neil et al find themselves at the bar of the last chance saloon.

These people came in and did well, they continue to do well with off field activities but with regard to football decisions....oh dear! These have been well catalogued.

Their next decision is crucial for the Club and for their reputations and in the case of the Stowmarket Two they still have the opportunity to step down with a legacy in terms of what they have acheived albeit somewhat tainted by the mismanagement of success. What they must not do is act like gamblers chasing the money and give way for fresh blood and ideas. They will be wanting to come to Norwich as supporters for many more years and this is their window of opportunity to ensure themselves the reputation to do so.

Make another cock up, see this Club relegated or simply make another overly conservative appointment and they will be the architects of their own decline.

It is clear from reading this board and other media that supporters see the Club at a crossroads with the prospect of Division Three obscurity a real prospect but, alternatively, a hope for a fresh direction, proven manager and cash injection which will fire up frustrated fans and with the right loan signings ignite a play off push.

Doncaster on the radio probably had to play it safe but we are fed up with safe, we want inspiration and aspiration. In a league this tight a Club with 24000 gates and a past Premiership Pedigree is not that much of a gamble when you consider what promotion is worth and what a later buy out would reward you with.

This IS the last chance saloon because NCFC is leaking support and losing both reputation and attractiveness. Get it wrong and we become a third division Club with a commesurate sized crowd. Get it right and you can build a new tier on the Main Stand and anticipate 34000 crowds.

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