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Steve Ritchie

Johnathon, Redhead.......

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Seriously, though.... this is embarassing......

Perhaps articles should either not be written when directly out of the pub, or at least get a proof reader in.

Perhaps, though, I''ve, mistakenly, forgotten all the things, which I learnt, at school, in respect to, commas, and, obviously, the full stop is, no longer, required

"One man who definitely, left the running was Neil Warnock, who was today unveiled as Crystal Palace''s new boss, while his predecessor Peter Taylor, is being heavily linked with his former club Gillingham, who he led to promotion to the Championship in 2000 "



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Archant announced today that following a long run of bad performances the full stop had left the organisation by ''mutual consent''.

After a full meeting of the punctuation committee it had been decided to appoint the comma to fill the position.  Comma will be assisted in his role by Colon who has previously been working with the academy.

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