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Just What Has Gone Wrong?

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I just can’t understand what has happened to our great club, how we have fallen so far and continue to keep falling.  It wasn’t so long ago everything was all yellow and green… now, well the despair continues.


This is now my second season without a season ticket. Do I miss it? It depends on what part of that “It” you’re talking about.  I miss getting up on a Saturday & watching Soccer AM, I miss the walk to the ground when along the way I ponder the next few hours, I miss meeting my mates at the pub where we talk about only football and have a few drinks, I miss the good flowing football we were used to seeing, the atmosphere of the fans because we had a team to be proud of and I miss the walking away from the ground after what had been a good day out.  What I don’t miss and what makes me glad that I haven’t bought a season ticket for two years now are the mistakes being made at board level, the lack of quality in our squad, the no show of passion when on the pitch, the bad management and the lacklustre crowd (not their fault).


I was one of those people who wanted Worthy out!  The board took to long in doing this!  I was not happy when Grant got appointed so therefore I’m delighted he has now got sacked (don’t cover it up with mutual consent!)  The board say we are a club with Premiership aspirations.  If that were the case then a club with those aspirations would never ever go and hire a half wit with no managerial experience!  That was such a huge mistake and I can’t believe our board did this.  Those responsible for a decision like that should hang their heads in shame – It’s disgraceful, a slap in the face for the fans and we deserve better!  So here we are again, the search begins for yet another manager (I use that manager word loosely, as if like last time another Peter Grant gets appointed then he can’t be called a manager because he never has been).  So I urge the board to get it right this time, no mistakes, you have to appoint someone with a proven experience and I urge you not to hand the job to Dublin or even Crook as is being touted.


Before the manager is appointed then I hope a senior board member would have the balls to get the players together and read them a few wrongs and rights.  They are employees of the club and should be expected to play their socks off no matter what the situation.  If indeed any have contributed to the downfall of a manager they need to be disciplined.


The fans are at the stage of where we have had enough of calling for managers to get sacked.  This is happening to often and we are now at the stage where questions are being directed to the board and their capabilities.  You’ve made to many mistakes and the momentum of anger towards you is increasing.  If you can’t get the managers job appointment right then you are not the right kind of people to run this club!  If you pay any attention to what the fans think you will be aware of this already if you’ve read today’s papers.  I for one would not mind changes being made at board level.


It’s also being said that Delia is about to sell up.  I love this woman for all that she has done and that will never be forgotten, but recently the lack of presence from her speaks so many words.  It’s not that I have anything against her but I for one do feel that a change at the top is absolutely necessary.  We are being left behind as club by club gets took over and has new investment, whilst Norwich stagnates and lives on its rules of treading gently.  We need new ideas, a new way of thinking and hopefully new investment.  Could someone also come out and publicly speak, tell the fans what’s really going on, be honest and open and don’t read of from one of those pre planned speeches we are constantly fed (not Neil Doncaster as this slimy leech is an expert at always twisting things and saying the same old things).


In the past when money has been tight we have had to sell our best players.  Where are those players now if we had to sell again?  I look at the squad and I just can’t see where there is a player worth much.  Our academy used to be a production line of talent, I’m sure that could still be the case but the youngsters are not given the chance to play.  These players need games to develop and the ideal time for this experience to be obtained is against weaker opposition in the cups and at end of season when we have nothing to play for.


 So let’s get this appointment right, let the fans know what’s really going on regarding the board.  If you do this then you can start to turn the fans around, get them onside again and singing as one and not two.

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