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lucky green trainers

i don't believe all this quality manager stuff...........

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when worthy went, immediately doncaster reckoned quality managers sent in their CV''s - we plumbed for inexperienced PG.now, he says the same thing again....but hoddles agents rubbishes approach claim - jewell is eyeing up bolton it seems, while tony pulis is bemused by city''s link with him.i always believed signing granty, but keeping the old backroom staff on, was a cheap and amaturish move.  top managers want to bring their own trusted blokes in - just as warnock did earlier this week when joining palace.  he''d laugh anything else out of town.  however, doing this is an expensive option, and i fail to see how the board can acheive it on their current finances.  in any event, what quality manager would want to come here, with the promise of £500,000 to spend in the scottish leagues???  without a pot of gold to invest in new players, and with city in the doldrums, what advantage would a new manager gain??? the kudos of avoiding relegation???i think were a million miles away from getting a jewell or warnock here, make no mistake.lets stop the pretending, get royle in - let him get us to mid-table by end of the season, and prepare for next year with a new manager?? why, ''cos it stands to reason delia won''t sell at the bottom as she did with chase.  fairs, fair - if she goes, she wants something back for her graft over 10 years.however, putting it should be noted, that the best interest of NCFC is paramount - and she must do what is necessary to avoid relegation.  anything less would be a tragedy for all concerned. 

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