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10 Bryceland

Nils Carborundum Illegitimus Desperado

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It would appear the only unanimous sentiment amongst City fans is that we are unhappy with the current situation.  In mt humble opinion:

The board and non-playing management,  has not covered itself in glory recently but calls for their wholesale removal smacks of jumping  blindfold off a high cliff in the hope there is a soft mattress to land on somewhere at the bottom.  We need to spend lots of other peoples money but despite Norwich occupying a prestigious position on the new Monopoly board I don''t see where this is coming from unless we print it ourselves.  All the proposed candidates for the managers job fill me with dread.  Some high profile names are gainfully employed with or without some degree of success.  In which case why would they come to Norwich, and would we want those high on the list?  Others are out of a job having failed to impress their erstwhile employers or are angling for higher things.  Yet more are lower division managers with no experience of the second division or above.  We also have those with no managerial experience but some as assistant or coach.  And finally players and ex-players looking for a start in management.  The players, all of whom without exception, have had glowing references from the press et al on their arrival at the club are a dispirited shambles with no apparent leader.  Looked at in those terms we are in for a rocky ride.  But at least we, the fans are showing passion and commitment in the only way we currently can, that is on these message boards.  I don''t expect my sentiments as stated here will meet with glowing approval but despite everything I believe the only way is up.  And to start with I will be at Carrow Road no Saturday ready and willing to cheer on whatever players pull on a yellow jersey and show pride and commitment while wearing it.  So there!


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Roughly translated means - ''Don''t let the desperate bastards grind you down''.

You mean, of course, the NCFC board, Tommy. Ipso facto.

Magna est veritas, et praevalebit.

OTBC - we''d better mind the danger!





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