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lucky green trainers

what are your NCFC expectations???

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poor old wiz'' early season faith in city and granty crashes and burns on the rocks of relegation form.  he''s not alone - most supporters seem genuinely disturbed by our start.   doncaster burst the bubble with his £7m black hole and ''sell players'' if need be speech.  i don''t listen to him anymore.hull, QPR and plymouth seem able to hoover loan signings up in the last week - we''ve got funds?!? but the will???sure we''ve had injuries - fozzy was having his best game for city until getting crocked - but lets face it, if we''d relied on him in midfield last january and brown up front instead of martin - we could''ve been in a real relegation dogfight.i so wanted granty to be the man - but regretfully, taken as a whole, he''s worse than worthy.  delia - if anyone deserves success its here - but if only she could gamble with money like she does with failing managers we''d be prem champions???sometimes, and we all know this, a low point has to be reached for new opinions to be formed and take hold - including accepting we are an averagely financed champs club - hull and cardiff have more clout and ambition, despite 24,000 gates at carra rd. VERDICT:   i expect city to be competing for prem.  if we''re not, then soemthing has to change simple as.  i expect us to finish mid-table this season.  i expect NCFC to be a radically different organisation next season.

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Every one at the club has got to want real seccess and real success at a FOOTBALL club is and should always be a successful FOOTBALL team thats at least pushing for promotion. The people that control Carrow Rd including all the money from player sales and what we put in have fogoten that the 20k plus supporters that turn up game after game do so for the FOOTBALL and nothing else. It maybe too late now even this early in the season to avoid relegation looking at the quaity of our players and the gross financial mismanagement by the board that the club can not afford even a second rate defender.

I hope we can all adjust to watching 3rd div FOOTBALL from both teams on the pitch and not just from us, because  next season thats where we will be playing.

The board have got the FOOTBALL they deserve but the supporters deserve a far better standed. When the gates are down to 13k or less and the stands half full the board may then understand why we used to go to Carrow Rd? not for a nice starter or a room for the night it was for the FOOTBALL.



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