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What Exactly is it that Norwich fans want then?

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I haven''t posted for ages but after reading various thoughts I just thought of the following:

1) Do you want Grant sacked becuase the team he inherited did sod all and then the team he has put together is worse?

2) Because if you do, a new manager will come in with equally poor credentials and blame the team he inherited is rubbish

3) So then he will ask for money..........

4) So then you want the Board sacked becuase the rose tinted "We run this club brilliantly" crap has finally been exposed as smoke and mirrors.. all the family silver is gone, no assetts, no quality players, no more prem payment, no real money for players. Oops, Great run club is 17 million in debt.....and its going to get worse.....

5) But the board refuse to budge, claim there is money available (which is lies, I mean, I have a Quid available but we need millions) and sit tight hoping that our new manager is Arsene (bargain) Wenger who can make a team worth sod all develop into a real force

6) But then you should all worry about the fact that all our scouts seem to be hunting around the Scottish Second Divison and we couldn''t probably find them to use them properly

So our team remains poor, with another new manager, with another unfamiliar squad (but hopefully one who won''t pass up on somebody like Danny Mills just because he was an ex City player despite being the best available) the board saying "We need to be careful, invest where we can" etc and hope for a miracle while the manager says "Let me build my own team first before you judge me" (Question...build it with what? Cardboard, Sticky back plastic? Loads of those shatterproof rulers we all had at school......Build it With What?)

Managers only leave clubs these days if there is somewhere better to go to, because clubs treat them like s**t and sack them willy nilly. Supporters going "UGGGG" mean nothing to managers these days. So its down to the board to do it but their recent run of appointments is hardly great is it? Come to NCFC, no money, no quality.....no hope......apart form the sack.....even though we won''t give you any cash to work with. And the board aint going anywhere...... 

This is reality, its professional football where money talks, and I mean Big Money. The fans are an assett to be milked and boy oh boy are you and I being milked. But most of all in football these days you need.....wait for it.....


And we haven''t got it at our club at any level. Apart form the fans.
Its crap, but its the truth. And we are going to have to sit and watch the same "Worthington" scenario role out again and again until we get real money from people who love football........Don''t hold your breath. Thats why I haven''t posted much, its the same problems as we faced months ago and months before that too.....its frustratingly predictable!


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