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You Make Me SCREAM! (8)

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The Frustration of being a norwich supporter, ''ey? =]

It gets the better of everyone, SMUDGER included. Even if he denies it.

The players heart''s seem to weak to be worn on their sleeves, i see commitment from some and i see others give up.

But we saw positives to go on tuesday. It''s even more worrying that i found some positives with a 0-0 draw against Scunthorpe.

Unfortunately, football is now about money. Our board, at no fault of their own, simply dont have enough anymore.

Maybe it''s time for them to say toodle-pip =/

Maybe they should remain on the board but welcome inside investment.

None of that''s relevant tonight. I don''t care what Grant says, shackell says its a MUST WIN game, and in all honesty, it is.

Anyway, good luck norwich. Kick it off, just make sure it''s in the right goal. =]

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