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Tony DaWonderful


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We have just put up the worst performance against the second most inept team in the division that you could imagine. It was utterly hopeless. I take it all back, there can be no future for Peter Grant at this club!

He has the tactical nounse of a dead cat, inspires fear to play in his OWN players and as for team selection dont start me off.

We have the players to mount a serious challenge I still believe this season (remember Sunderland last season). They just need a manager who inspires confidence, and to play football the Norwich way, PASSING THE BALL, not hoofing 40 to 80 yard balls into nowhere.

If the board do not act tonight then we are relegation fodder FACT!

Dion for manager god knows he would inspire more than Grant has been able to.

I am incandescent with rage!!!

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