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Grant, do the honorable thing

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I have for weeks tried to back Grant when many around me didn''t want to see him manage another Norwich City game, I have tried my best to defend him and I have hoped that he could come out good in the end but after tonights performance even I don''t have a good word to say about him anymore. I went to the match tonight and to be frank with you we were nothing short of a disgrace. On the evidance of recent weeks Grant has lost the dressing room and the players tonight showed no passion or determination, QPR on the other hand aren''t exactly the Brazil of the mid 70s but atleast they had some fight about them and that was the difference tonight, I have to admitt and they got exactly what they deserved.


I unlike many others don''t hold Grant 100% responsible for our current dire situation, but given the circumstances something has to change, and the best place I see fit for improvement right now is manager position, however I pray Grant will take it upon himself to do the honorable thing and resign now rather than wait untill the bored sack him. Over the next week or so we will find out what kind of man Grant really is, if he will resign then I can respect him for doing what''s best for the club he tried his best for but was unsuccessful. But what my point is all about is do you think Grant will just walk away just like that? I mean it''s not going to do his CV any good and will more than likely end his managerial career before it even started, and also he would be walking away from 3 years worth of wages that he would of recieved had the bored of eventually sacked him, so that''s going to be on his mind and I can think of many managers who would simply hold out for the sack in this situation.


Your thoughts....

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