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So now is the time for Delia to step aside

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Not a popular statement but lets not let facts get in the way of sentiment.

1. Why haven''t the board got anyone at board level with an ounce of football knowledge?

2. How have the finances gone from ''manageable'' to ''cash strapped''

3. How many more managers shall we try under this board.

4. Did we not learn anything over the last few years about taking the cheapest option?

5. Why didn''t we spend the money which came in on transfers instead of banking the extra £3Million

6. Can we stop this spin about personal money put into the club, its all loans secured against physical assets and not at ANY risk.

7. How much longer is this rescue debt going to last? the club wasn''t bankrupt under Chase just mismanaged.

8. Is the catering that good at Carrow Road, honestly now?

9. Where ahs Dleia been this year?

10. Finally why are all Delias cronies on the board?


Enough said Bye Bye Delia, go before your reputation goes downhill any further.

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