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Hate to say I told you so...

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Guys this has been coming for such a long time, for months some of the ''negative'' posters have been lambasted for simply seeing the wood from the trees. Now everyone has started to realise how average this current team is.

I, like everyone else, feel that Grant''s days are numbered but I feel sorry for the guy. It has to be realised sooner rather than later that this whole situation is the boards fault and no one elses.

If a company is performing badly in the business world the first heads to roll are those at the top. It is this board who have hired Grant, on a long term contract. It is this board who treated our Premiership season as if we had won the play offs after finishing 6th, not that we had gone up as Champions. It is this board who have failed to reinvest, or invest with any conviction, into some quality signings. If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys and this is the reason we are seeing such dire performances.

This area deserves an established Premier League club, Norwich City FC could be that club easily if we were backed by a board with some guts and ambition. We don''t have any of that at the moment.

The ethos for any company is set from the top down, if we are going to stop the rot its at the top that we need to start. Lets stop the nostalgia, thanks Delia and co for stabilising the club, and lets push on and progress!

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