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Last nights game was one of the most desperate performances I have seen from any Norwich side over the last 14 years. I will admit to wanting Peter Grant this time a year ago and I will also admit to backing him at the start of this season for a continued period of time. Last night was the fourth time I have seen city this season (other games Preston, Hull live and Sheff W and QPR on TV) and it was considerably worse than those other 3 performances. I now believe Grant has lost the dressing room completely and think we are now no better off than the final days of the Nigel Worthington era. We took a gamble getting Grant, one I thought it was worth taking (due to lack of good alternatives) and still do believe was the right decision but I now think we need to make sure we get the right appointment someone who has a clear track record of getting struggling sides moving forward and ultimately ending up relatively secure in the Premiership-Paul Jewell, we don''t need a fudge appointment from within it needs someone who is going to galvanise a poor defence and shot shy attack.

This post is not all about firing Peter Grant it is also about realising many other failings within the football club as well, Grant isn''t only the reason why this team is failing, off the field there needs to be a strong assessment of whether Norwich are operating to the best of their capabilities and whether the best decisions in terms of ambition are made. (i.e. the hotel- it may be more profitable than seats but who cares could''nt it not have been built in the car park- whatever it gives out completely the wrong impression when the manager is trying to show new players around the ground. As it smacks of a lack of ambition, players must think "they can''t fill their ground so they''ve built a hotel there") . If people are not up to their jobs then they should be also replaced off the field as well as on it.

Finally the players, when are they going to realise that eventually someone is going to turf them all out and start again, lets face the truth the core of the team have let two good honest people down in Nigel Worthington and Peter Grant, eventually the penny will drop on all issues but I hope we are not in League 2 by the time they find out.

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