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Going forward

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If people would try and divert their attentions from the us vs them public brawl that this message board has been degenerating into for some time, what course of actions would people like to see happen going forward?Personally:Grant to resign/made redundant.When he was appointed I felt the board had made a good decision, he had all the attributes of a possible up and coming manager, unfortunately in my opinion this has proved not the case. For me, at this stage in his career, he is a little nieve, I appreciate his honesty and cander but I think his expectations on how to operate in the transfer market, in light of the recent TV money boost to the prem, is unrealistic.  My other concern, I am a firm believer in playing a settled side, familiarity and team work is worth its weight in gold, look at the Romainian side of the 90''s as a good example.  Grant admitted he took each game as it comes and planned the team accordingly, I agree tactics should be on a game per game basis, but not personnel, there isnt any one that special amongst our opposition in this league that warrants planning a team around.  One thing that has been completely out of his control (and Worthington''s last season) is the sheer number of injuries, I found this staggering.With regards to the board.I dont think they can be held to blame for where we are now, its easy to point the finger with hindsight, the appoinment of Grant, for me, at the time was the correct one, I cant comment on the financial side of things but I genuinely believe they have the best interests of the club at heart and so will give them the benefit of the doubt.  Should another party become apparent, who has similiar ties to the club (i.e. not someone looking to invest with a view to making money, because you wont) and can inject more money than they can, then I believe this party should be invited with open arms, whether this means they resign or not is up to them.

The team.The money situation within the game with the recent new tv deal has now reach new and rather silly heights.  NO ONE outside of the premiership can compete with that now unless they have some sort of sugar daddy.Going forward we have to rely on youth, its the only sustainable policy given the current financial climate.  Fortunately we have a good infrastructure in place.  The board my do all they can to further this areas development as its going to become key over the next five years.  In light of that I would like them to appoint someone who has a proven track record for nurturing youth and expand/improve our scouting network to this end.

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