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My email to Doomcaster

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Neil,I can''t say anything about last nights performance, I know

it wasn''t as bad as the Wolves performance, but it is well below what

is expected from us fans. We pay to come watch our team week in and

week out and what we get is 11 players on the field doing nothing,

apart from a couple of players, which is normally David Marshall and

occasionally Gary Doherty. The rest just stand there like headless

chickens. I urge you Neil to please sort out this mess before we will

be playing Yeovil next season. Also what has happened with our money??

we have made a good profit in the sale of players this window and also

we have had the Turners and Delia''s money and still, we are £20 or so

million in debt!

I am only 14 years old and I understand what is going on. I

know you and the board can do something about this trouble we are in.

Even though we are in trouble, you will not lose me as a fan or any

real Norwich fan because we have so much passion for the club. I hope

you and your board will do something soon.

City Till I Die.Yours,Scott DackOTBC!!!!!!!!!!!

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