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Flying Dutchman

For anybody who wants to discuss something other than Grant/The Board

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We all have an opinion on the Grant and the Board situation, but I thought I would change the subject a little.

18.   Leicester City

19.   Crystal Palace

20.   Sheffield United

21.   Preston North End

22.   Norwich City

23.   Sheffield Wednesday

24. Queens Park Rangers


Anybody else agree that, at this early point in the season, you could probably turn the table upside down and it would look somewhat legitimate?? EG QPR top, Norwich 3rd etc.... Regardless of current ability or what you think our particular team is capable of, to a neutral glancing at the table, it wouldn''t look TOO out of place if it were turned upside down. I just felt that with the recent poor run and the whole Grant/Board thing we could use a little dreaming!! It is quite plausable if you look at it though.

Everyone has an opinion - discuss!!!

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