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I have read several "worst performance ever" comments following last nights admittedly poor show, but it was much improved on wolves to be honest - we did actually cross the half way line and indeed have a whole "shot" on target! I feel that comments like this are slightly unfair - do people not remember letting in 6 at port vale only a few years ago or constant 4-0 away day hammerings for example?...

I am a very frustrated supporter but we need to be realistic. We were promoted recently after winning a very weak league and Worthington did his best to keep up a poor team - taking it to the last day was a minor miracle. I personally feel we over achieved and prior to Worthys reign we were not a million miles away from where we are now! In fact if Iwan had not been signed when he was we would have been releagted to the third tier for sure. So we need to keep a sense of persective with the new gaffer, it s unlikely to be a big name, frankly the "club" will not attract one, but lets not expect miracles from whoever it will be.

Thanks for trying Peter - at least you put some obvious effort in, but we need to stabalise for a period and rebuild before we can realistically challenge again.


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