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The Truth will Out Eventually

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One Monday night the only person with any decency, honesty, integrity, passion, commitment and pride representing Norwich City Football Club, its Board, Coaching Staff and Supporters stared reality in the face.

Shame on the players who have conspired against you Peter, may they break many a leg!

I have never been so ashamed, embarassed and humiliated; that was lower than Fulham 05

Will the historians of this once proud club, totally eradicate those responsible for the current debacle; I do not want certain players recorded anywhere.

Some of the players served under Worthington and are largely responsible for the total inept, inert, souless, gutless, heartless displays  of recent seasons.

I cannot see any Manager wanting to risk his or her professional career to take on what has to be the most unprofessional bunch of miscreants to have disgraced this club and football in general.

They are all too willing to talk to the media, yet not once did they show any sign that they themselves are willing or able to turn things around.

The Board, the Coaching Staff, the Fans deserve better, please would those ultimately responsible for the departure of two managers in a little over 12 months pick up your P45''s

The Club must know who the troublemakers are, expose them terminate their contracts forthwith (and no do not pay them another penny, we have been conned too often for too long!).

I am proud to be a Norfolk Man and glory in so doing; I cannot say the same as a crest fallen canary supporter; previous squads of less able, lower paid harder trained individuals would have wiped the floor with that shower on Monday night; they are the ones that gave this club its pride, its good name is passion, and the reason why it has been so well supported over the years.

Damn those responsible, the club will live on, the supporters will sing loud and proud once more.

Till next season.Embarrassed [:$]

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If there is any truth in the idea that certain players were conspiring against Grant then why did he not take action against them? After all he was the manager and it was his duty and responsibility to sort this sort of thing out. If he was not big enough to do the job then it was right that he resigned.

People are blaming the players now but it should be remembered that most of them were his own purchases. He had a year to build a team and the team he built was not good enough.

The buck stops at the top. Grant was responsible for the results but Delia & Co were responsible for Grant.

Hopefully if rumours are true we can soon look forward to a clean slate and a fresh start.


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