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Bentley, could he be a Rolls Royce?

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Bentley looks class, you never know, if we stay up he might just fancy lingering longer. Apart from initial trepidation about coming to a "small" club, surely he must have been pleased to turn up on his first day to find team mates who will care about him, as opposed to a room full of stars where he would possibly be, well, ignored is the wrong word, but is probably close to the truth. He will be a big part of things.
Ok, it''s not Highbury but he would also have been impressed, as most newcomers are, with the facilities and the team spirit of the whole set-up. He will also find, as time passes, that Norfolk (and some of Suffolk) people, will take him to their hearts, as they did Hucks, Sven and McKenzie. It goes without saying, that I am immensely pleased that he should choose our humble club to play for and you never know, East Anglia won Hucks over, so fingers crossed eh?
Mind you, this is before we''ve seen him play for us, He may be rubbish!!!
I consider our mid-field and strike force to be good enough to run with, but more options at the back are needed as most people seem to agree, but let me ask you all, Has any manager, certainly of recent years, instilled so much trust in the fans as Nigel? The lack of a defensive signing at the moment does not mean there won''t be any at all. Keep the faith, and hold on tight, it may be a bumpy ride, but, what better for a rocky road than a Bentley.

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