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Most of you lot are just so naive

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There is no doubting Grant’s honour, honesty, integrity and commitment and, to be fair, he really didn’t stand much of a chance from the start. The odds were always stacked against him : the situation he inherited from Worthington, the inevitable departure of Etuhu, Safri and the ugly one and the lacks of funds. However, to bang on about Grant doing the honourable thing and quitting is IMO complete nonsense. Bottom line is that he has to think of his family’s financial security. I don’t know how long he had left on his contract and the suggestion that he would sacrifice a handsome pay-off by voluntarily walking the plank seems to me to be way off the mark. If a manager resigns then the club has no obligation to pay off the remainder of his contract. If the club sacks a manager then they are obliged to pay off the remainder of his contract. A third way is the Club and the manager get together and agree that the end of road has arrived and in return for a suitably handsome pay-off both parties will only say nice things about the other, confidentiality clauses and all that………. By mutual consent.

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