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The Hoff

Big League Weekend 1

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Has anyone caught the programme on Sky Sports 1 this evening, for those that haven''t managed to catch it, the programme starts by focusing on this weekends Championship Sky game and in particular Norwich. They interview PG, Doncaster and a little chat with Cureton but the reasoning for the focus, is following this weeks financial figures being made public and Nowich having failed to make the use of the parachute payments to their advantage and find themselves struggling on and off the pitch. Following the report they get the opinions of both Dave Bassett and Ian Taylor and for me Ian sums it by saying that if you have the money you must buy quality and as we have posted and discussed, the signings Worthy made were far from what was required. Dave Bassett went on to mention the difficult job Pete Grant is facing, we have to remember that it wasn''t PG who wasted the payments and helped in the cause of our decline. The finger still points at our previous manager Worthy and the board and it now leaves us waiting for either the Turners to caugh up, a serious investment from an outsider or for PG to pull a rabbit out of the hat in the transfer market to move this club forward otherwise we may face another 10 year loan agreement to the Championship and possibly longer.

We have 31 games left lets get behind the players and manager and help towards driving our club forward, any protests left to after the game and aimed at the board imo.


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