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it seems, and quite logically, that after the mid week fixture the good showing from spillane and jarvis has earnt them both a recall for todays match. this may turn into a godsend if they continue on in the same vein and prove worthy of continued first team status. but why does the team need to be failing or ravaged with injurys for management to blood in youngsters. im sure there is a more sucessful way to make sure that the entire playing personnel are given equal opportunity to excell. i can imagine that blooding in younsters when the results are not great could be to the detriment of the players confidence and sully an otherwise promising footballer. im sure there are people who would agree that our methods are faulty when it comes to promoting youth. i can imagine that with the great "BLACK HOLE" of doom that we''re facing, that costs need to be  minimised obviously and the club will most likely focus more on youngsters. i just cant believe that peter grant is the man suited to nurturing youth or working on a shoestring budget as looks to be the case. he seems to have mostly forgotten about chris martin for the beginning of the campaign, and seems to consistently blame circumstances out of his reach as the real reason for citys poor showing so far (instead of analysing the teams performance) and appears to not be able to motivate the team in the right manner, something that probably would not bode well with any player but especially youngsters as they''re more likely to not have the maturity/experience to tolerate a man who doesnt have the dressing rooms respect.why we never hired a hungry manager from this division or division 1 with a track history of working on a limited budget and working sucessfully with the clubs home grown talent at their disposal is beyond me. at the time of hiring grant the board would obviously have reallised that the time when the parachute payments are going to dissapear would be drawing close and that this type of appointment would be prudent.instead of getting a first team manager who is experienced and is wholly responsible for their teams performance we get the helper monkey of alan pardew.still ill admit that we need to get through 15-20 games before passing judgement. [:O]

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