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May 2008: Norwich City relegated?

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Todays result was very poor. Defeat at home to the team bottom-of-the table. And what a way to concede that goal. Very humiliating to see from the ballwatching Norwich City team. I am sad to say that we are in the middle of a very real crisis that can only end up in relegation if this continues. The team doesn''t have the ability to defend a place in The Championship in the 2008/2009 simply because the players are not good enough. Forget the nonsense about promotion, which is complete redicilous, and try to conentrate to avoid the drop.

The players, the management and the board have a big job ahead. I have witnessed that the players don''t deliver on the pitch after watching the game on television. Big changes are much needed in the playing staff. I don''t have any inside information about the management and the board, but after what I can see there should be some changes in that part to, because nothing is working at the moment.

I think the writing is on the wall. A big turnover has to be made at once, if not, the scenery is relegation come May.



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