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Gutted lads!!!!

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I live in spain and took the day off work 2day just so I could get a glimpse of my team on TV, and after having to give up my season ticket a year ago I was really looking forward to seeing the new look team and put all the results from the last 2 weeks to the back of my mind.

I just wanted to enjoy seeing them play, but I couldn''t. It was really bad.

We have fallen so far. I had a season ticket for 10 years before I moved here last year and my god guys......... on TV i saw god knows how many empty seats!!! And i aint suprised after today. how have we changed so much in 2 seasons i mean yeah the last game I saw was the 2-1 home loss to the scum 3 days before I moved and that was bad enough but at least you know you''d turn up and have a fair chance of a win, but now we just look

defense - fragile drury mate whats happened stop running away with ur bak turned on the attacker and close him down

midfield - bi-past by the route one ball

attack- no threat, no presence, no Ashton or Earnie and it bloody shows!!!!!!!


I thought........... here goes..........that this year, forget having stars like Earnie, Ashton, Green, etc. I thought hey look at the team Grants built they aren''t stars, or individual game-changers but maybe hey we have a team that will be collective unit of average players rather than individual money grabbers who give it their full 30 percent of the time. But today I would of had Francis back thats how bad it was.

Just like to say I feel for the season ticket holders, guess I had a lucky escape. But um whats the way forward????? cos its just soul destroying to sit and say hey thats my team, as you watched been made a laughing stock.

Would you believe we beat MAN U 2 years ago???  i was there that day and we didn''t even look anything even close to that team today. Feels like 10 years ago. 

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