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Hoist by their own petard. Bye Delia.

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The NCFC board have encouraged bums on seasonticketseats for some time now. And frequently boasted about the success of their policy which guarantees close to sellouts at every home league game. And this will be so for the rest of the season. Of course there will be a degree of drop off which has actually started over the last couple of games.

Why do I say that the NCFC hierarchy will be hoist by their own petard?

Because they have created a tranche of resentful customers on pre-paid seasonticketseats. People who are going to be increasingly fed up at being ''forced'' to go along to Carrow Road for every home game because of both the dire performance levels on display and the patent lack of commitment from highly paid players. People who in other circumsatances would have picked and chosen their games or simply have stopped attending altogether. Many of these resentful prisoners on seasonticketseats are simmering. More and more will start to get angry, and..........

Formerly, in bad times, people simply exercised their choice of simply not attending a few, or some or all of the games. Thus attendances would by now have dropped from 23,000 (say) to 14-16,000 (say) and would drift down to 10-12,000 on bad nights. That is, market forces would have stepped in to punish a poor product.

Now, I am afraid, there is going to be a growing, seething swell of dissent and protest at home games until something gives. Fuelled substantially by those resentful prisoners on seasonticketseats.

NCFC hierarchy - don''t say you weren''t warned. You tried to ''colt the game'' - and market forces are about to exact retribution.

Of course , this situation will probably redound to the benefit of us fans as the situation will unravel and come to a head a fair bit earlier than it might have done otherwise.

C''est la vie.

Bye Delia. Our Canary Phoenix will arise from your little Ashes one day.

OTBC - green and yellow for ever.



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