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some questions

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i mean the team how can that excuse for a manager acutally start a STRIKER who has not scored in 10 games?and why does lapping play? the main question why is grant still here, i really think he needs to go now or not at all this season, you cant change when weve had 20-25 games, it dosnt give the next bloke a chance.i dont know who is actualy going to bother to go to footy on tuesday, but i will, but i will leave if brown espicially but also lappin, if thoose two play, weve lost, they dont fit in.who else agreees?but the team should be like this                      marshallsemmy        doc   Dublin   drury/ murray (drury was decent defeding on sat so hard choice)croft         jarvis    Russell    hux               cureton  strihavka       

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