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If we get a new managers soon he has to be the right one.

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Obvious I know but still worth a discussion I feel.

We have to get it right otherwise we risk relegation and life in a wilderness that even the hardiest of Canary fans have never witnessed.

First thing would be experience but not just of management itself. The manager will need experience of management at a club of our level and our expectations. Our crowd size and fan base. I don''t think that is to much to ask in fact I think after this debacle it something we should expect. (Sorry but Mike Newell say doesn’t fit that bill)

We need a manager able to make strong team decisions. An example as indicated on this forum earlier was the Simon Lappin case.

Yes he scored a couple of goals yes he set a couple up. However he is no central midfielder. The choice our manager had was play Huckerby left or Lappin or play him at full back a drop Drury. He took the easy option and played them all. We all saw the result. Lappin is not a central Midfielder.

We need a manager able to relate with the players. Man management is now as big a part of football management as any other element. Big ego''s come with big wages. Players need to be kept both happy and in check. There was more than just Huckerby out there yesterday that wasn''t happy with his lot. Yes he is playing well below his best. But I don''t believe good player become bad over night. He is unhappy he is disillusioned and he is showing it. You have to manage those big ego, big impact players and get the best out of them for yourself as a manager and for the club. Grant is doing neither.

We have no money so what the point of change some ask. We have a limited budget but we have players capable of better that they are showing. (Huckerby) I don''t believe that that bunch on Saturday are world beaters but I don''t think they are as bad a they have been. They are disorganised unsure of their roles even of the position at times. We played great chunks of yesterdays game with no shape or width. We had players drop in to positions that normally they would never be asked to play in. We don''t need money or a budget to organize 11 player we need a manager.

Only hard work and experience will save our season we all no the money isn’t there to do it so if we have any left use it to pay off grant and bring in somebody up to the job.

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