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We need a Jack Hayward type gesture.

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If Smith and Jones want the best for the club then why don''t they sell their shares for a nominal amount like Hayward did for Wolves. Even if they were to offer them for 500k there would be a far better chance of there being some takers, she could sell them at that price on the proviso that the investor invested a large sum for team strengthening. I''m sure she has more than enough money to survive very comfortably for the rest of her life without having to rely on recouping her outlay from NCFC. She could always have a clause written into the contract of sale to say she could recoup some of her losses if we were to get promoted. It''s the only way I can see us getting out of this mess they have got us into, if she insists on recouping 10 million or whatever her stake is worth it will be unlikely she would find a buyer but this way there would surely be someone who is prepared to take up such an offer.

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