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l don''t think a club in our financial position can afford the luxury of a chief executive, with a large salury doing the job that should be done by the Chairman. His salary would pay for a good manager. with all the good will on earth l don''t think P.G has it in him to motivate players when things are going against them. In 12 months nothing has changed, other than new players, which may be coached into a usefull side if we had a coach. Get rid of the C.E put Peter Grant upstairs untill his contract expires. Supporting the team for over 60 years l can''t rember feeling so low, even in the days of the 3rd Div. South when we had to go cap in hand to get relected to the league, after finnishing bottom no supporter felt so down as they do today. Even in those days we had an average of 20,000, visiting teams got a share of the gate money, some got more visiting Norwich than they did from their home games.            


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