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Norwich Vs Sheff Wed Worthys first season in charge..anyone remember the sheff wed fans? LETS BRING THE HOUSE DOWN 2MOZ!!

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2moz night lets give them some of that, chanting, singing, dancing whatver (AND THEY WERE RELEGATED..ANYONE REMEBER THE SHEFF WED CONGA?). lets make the best of what we have.At least that way we dont make ourselves look like dicks in comparison with our team, get behind the players and dont let the opposition fans give us stick, to be outsung at home is terrible. look at chelsea things have gone badly wrong but they cheers the players and they will try to perform...i know first hand that players need that extra push, maybe if we edge them on they will have the confidence to run that extra yard! come on you miserable buggers :)

come on people lets bring the house down!

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