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KTF'ers - I told you so but you all baaa'd like sheep and carried on grazing

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............ We’re crap and we know we are - most of us do anyway. The responsibility for our current dire plight of course lies with the owners. It is they who appointed the directors who, in my opinion have provided such poor leadership but we are now so deep in the mire that, personally, I can’t see a way out. They left it too long before sacking Worthy and when they finally did what did they do ? They appointed an unproven manager and gave him bu—er all money to bring in new players of any quality. I feel sorry for Grant, there’s no doubting his commitment and he may well make a good manager in years to come but right now he gives the impression of someone who really does not know what to do and simply isn’t motivating the admittedly poor players in his charge. The problem is that we can sack Grant just like QPR have today sacked Gregory but who are we going to appoint in his place ? What established manager would want to come to Norwich at the moment anyway ? In any case, apparently we don’t have any money so presumably we can’t afford to sack Grant anyway let alone find the cash to attract a replacement after compensation payments to Grant,  Duffy et McAl.  IF, and I know it’s a big IF, we do sack Grant then the Board will have to find the money (time for the Turners to come through for the club ?) to bring in a manager with a proven track record and, above all, someone who will command the respect and fear of the players and get them performing without delay. My choice ? Neil Warnock but I’m not sure if he would want to come and I think out Board would be too frightened of him anyway. Regardless of my own personal choice, fast action is required so my advice to the Board is “DON’T DELAY DO IT TODAY”

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