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Lord Horn

When is Enough Enough?

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After the debacle against the Owls, where I spent most of my time watching the antics of Tango, I''m asking myself the question when is enough enough?  I''ve never enjoyed the negativity of Cluck and Smudger and their ilk on this board but I''ve also never considerd myself as a sheep or a Delia fantasist!  Over the last 43 years (almost to the day) since I''ve supported the team, I''ve had my arguments with many a manager and Chairmen - I think at one time in the 60s (when we were in about the same position we are now) we even shouted for Geoffrey Watling''s head - there''s nothing new in the world.  For lots of reasons (too many and probably too libellous to mention) I could never faintly agree with the Fram Canary type rose tinted view of Chase''s management style (or ability).  However we feel about Delia and what she has or has not done for the Club, surely she must be getting more than a bit uncomfortable week by week.  A defeat by Scunthorpe will be the nail in the coffin for my positivity for now as, apart from QPR, who in this league looks any worse than us.....oh and what''s our next game after Scunny..QPR away televised..oh s**t!

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